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Open Edition

We are delighted to present Salon 44’s first Open Edition by artist Maggie Groat. The unframed edition is on sale now and will be available for purchase through March 20.

rise > ease > deeply is part of an ongoing study into imperfect symmetries, patterning and the possible utilities of images. Composed with found and modified photographs taken from the margins of 20th century printed matter, and through the process of decontextualizing, fragmenting and halving, a proposal, a map, a power-filled composition emerges. This work carries the energies and associations of the fragmented, but transforms through its orbital relations and compilation into a collection that resists categorization. The double, a shadow, tethers, rituals, way-finding, spectrums, twinning, cycling, fragmentation, pollination, fertility, the relationship between the astronomical and the terrestrial, visible and invisible marks, folding and unfolding, attraction, alternative utility, are some of the fragmented and interconnected ideas and preoccupations that orbit the compositions in this ongoing study.

Unframed Prints