Steven Beckly

Steven Beckly

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Fenestra, 2018
Inkjet Print, 16x21.5"
Unframed, Edition of 5

Courtesy of the artist and Daniel Faria Gallery 

Steven Beckly’s work Fenestra (2018) diffuses a quiet warmth, emanating through the chlorophyll glow of the depicted leaves. The title of the artwork refers to the latin genus, fenestra refers to plants that characteristically have an epidermal window—a transparent window-like opening on each leaf. In Beckly’s image, light pours through each window creating a negative outline of the fenestra leaf spread across the other plants in the frame.

Through his work Beckly creates intimate encounters with the objects he captures. Beckly’s practice explores the active continuum between materiality and sensuality, the viewer is invited to explore the various textures of the living things captured in the image, such as the smoothness of the leaves and the heat of the sunlight. Through one of the fenestra ‘windows’, a single strand of a cob web is visible, a hint of activity just beyond the frame, a reference to action elsewhere which prolongs the stillness of the moment captured in the image. -Lillian O'Brien Davis, Curator of Exhibition and Public Programs, Gallery 44